Alan Rose Recordings...

Thanks to those of you who have bought copies of Stripped Down 
Notions and solitaire over the past few years, as well as those 
of you who have supported me by coming to a show and dropping a few 
dollars in the basket, my third CD - American Hands - is on its way.

Recorded at Electric Wilburland in Newfield, NY with a seven-piece band,
American Hands is a collection of story-songs set in the U.S. of today and
written with the same focus on smart lyrics and catchy melodies as
Alan's first two releases. Its release will be celebrated with a party
at Castaways in Ithaca, NY on Saturday August 7, and it will be available
for ordering here soon.

Right now there are three ways to get CDs. First, I'll have them with 
me pretty much everywhere I go for the next month or so. 

Second, I've set up a P.O. Box for just this purpose, if you're not into online commerce.

Third, we now have online ordering via PayPal if you're the click-to-purchase sort.

Stripped Down Notions is $10.
solitaire is $15 for CDs, $10 for cassettes.

TANGENT: Why is SDN cheaper when it's the new CD? I felt funny asking 
$15 for a CD that's burned and uses previously owned jewel cases. 
Sure, it's a limited edition, signed and numbered, and hand-made. But 
some of the cases are cracked, some of the cuts and folds are 
crooked, and the CDs have stickers on them rather than printing. On 
the other hand, solitaire was professionally printed, stamped, and 
pressed. So think of the Limited "Recycled" Edition of SDN as a bargain and 
solitaire as a really nice package. Keep in mind that the "Recycled" Edition
of Stripped Down Notions won't be available much longer! Get yours now.

If you buy directly from me, whether at a show or on the street, the 
costs above are all you need to worry about. If you buy through the 
mail or online, please add postage using one of the following methods:

First Class Postage: add $2 for the first item, .50 for each additional item.
Priority Mail: Add $4 for up to 3 items, .50 for each additional item. Outside the US? Prefer another shipping approach? Get in touch via the contact page to work out the details.

You can send orders to me at:

Alan Rose
P.O. Box 4834
Ithaca NY 14852

with check or money order payable to Alan Rose. Remember, bouncing 
checks is just not cool -- especially when they cost starving artists 
their food money for the week -- so if yours does bounce, expect an 
unhappy Alan to be knocking on your door for the bank fees as well as 
the original amount of the check.